Thursday, July 21, 2011

Additional Poets and Writers I Admire

There are additional poets and writers who I admire who I wanted to mention. I want to mention, today, about three poets I admire: Donna Yates, Michael Morone (my brother), and Shiv Singh. Firstly, I will mention Shiv Singh. I think Shiv Singh is a to be a wonderful poet. He has allowed me to use his link and poem on my blog to post a blog post about him. So, I am. I think he is a unique, wonderful poet, and truly kindred spirit who sees the word as some people might not. And he seems to express this of what he sees of the world, of nature, and of people so well. He seems to truly know/get people. Please consider taking the time to check out his poem and his blog. Thank you (Ty). Below is his poem, explanation about it, about why he wrote it, and the link to his blog:

O Songlet, why so serious?

Seeing her frivolous frown
despondent dad of the bride
pledged the minor's fix
with a half-note slide.

Mercilessly, he, with a knife
Sharpened her reluctant third
Until in bloody harmony
Her bliss he fully heard.

- Shiv
July 18, 2011

For those curious about the minor third:

This is a poem about a composer who creates a sad song, and then tries to make it sound happy. Earlier today I was reading Emily Dickinson; so inspired I wrote a poem using her favorite structure in response to an Indie Ink challenge (my second!) from Manju: "Why so serious"

Secondly, I want to mention Donna Yates. Donna Yates is a wonderful poet who is also a kindred spirit who also sees the world in a positive light, and who is an extremely kind and beautiful soul. She is also a wonderful poet, beyond words. Her poems have such depth and beauty to them that I've cried when reading them cus they'd moved me so much. She has a natural gift for writing that words cannot describe just how much. Please check out her poem on my group, 'Poetry Corner.' She also writes very good blogs. Please check out her blog to read her blog.

And thirdly, I'd like to mention my brother, Michael Morone. He is a caring and gentle soul who is a great poet. I admire him, not cus he is my brother, but also cus he sees the world for how it can sometimes be, and he writes very realistically, and shows the world through his poems about how the world can be, plus gives lessons within his poems to help wake up the world about the dangers of some of the negative ways of humankind. I respect a person who can stand up to thr world to tell this to people, as well as can admire people who use their gift of writing to get this message across. Ty (Thank you), Michael, for doing this for people.
April Morone

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Writers I Admire

I have been writing since I was about 13 or 14 years of age, about the same time that I'd started drawing. And my first poem had been nominated for first prise in a poetry contest, and I was to go to read it, aloud, to everyone. I was but a teenager at that time I'd written that first poem, but had submitted it when I was in my 20's. And, I've been writing since I'd written that first poem. Anyway, I was so shy to show my writing to people because of being put off by family and others who didn't care to give others true time and attention to other people and treat them as human beings. And with my father having always called me stupid, I worried that others would judge me and think I was stupid and dramatic in my poem and for having written my poems. I was said to have been with my head in the clouds and never in reality, and that writing is nice but would never be important cus it couldn't help as a career, and that it should only be a hobby. But, that I should try being more logical. They didn't realise that writing is who I am, not what I do. And I'd tried telling them that, but they'd not listened. So, I withheld my poetry for a long time form anyone. then, I slowly started showing it. Got critiques, and really worked at my writing skills so to better express everything I'd wanted and needed to express. But, I'd never really felt good enough of a writer-perhaps that was in part, due to my father's behaviour towards me. Well, I decided to sho my poetry to my family as an adult and asked them to critique it and that even if they don't like it, I like it and am proud of it. That showed them that I wasn't going to believe what I was told o that I am stupid, nor of that who I am, nor of writing, isn't good. Anyway, mother now lookd at my poetry, sometimes, and actually comments on them. I am seen now as an equal human being for once. I am happy with who I am. And cus of this, opened up to a lot more people. And decided to open up a poetry group for writers, which I did. I wanted them to have the support I'd not gotten, growing up. And I wanted a place I could also share my poems, as well. In creating this poetry group, I have found many different writers and readers of poetry who are writers who are wonderful, friendly people and writers. And I got to help support them. And found that equally, support is shared in this and other groups on the writers' site I belong to (Writer's Digest). And I've actually cried at some of the stuff people were going through that they'd expressed within their writing, and I showed them support. They are such great writers, greater than I will ever be. I am very honoured to have them in my group I'd created for everyone. It is a delight to have them, there, in/as part of group. There is now a poetry community, there, built, and it is wonderful. :) I admire the writers, there, in that group "Poetry Corner." I also admire the writers of the other groups on the writers' site, 'Writer's Digest,' who write novels. I've bought and read some of their books. :) They're very good. Beth Muscat's books, for instance. I've read the first book in a paranormal series she wrote, titled "Remember The Eyes." Simply good writing and very cool story line. I soon will read her second book in this series. I recommend her books (All of them). Another author I admire is Norma Beishir. Her books give you mystery, humour, very good sweet romance, and really good story lines. I am now hooked on her books. :) Martin Rus/William Kendall. He is a really good author. I love his stories. He and Norma Beishir have collaborated on co-writing a book, and have done so, successfully, I think. Wonderful book. I look forward to buying and reading it. Mark R Hunter is a great author, and writes, adding a cool sense of humour into his writing. And the subjects into which he uses humour, and yet good points about, are great subjects. I recommend his books. Nora Roberts. I lover Nora Roberts books cus she has great story lines, plenty of romance, and plenty of sex scenes mentioned within her books that only add to the sweet romantic stories she writes. James Patterson... Need I say more? :) He's just a very talented and good writer of whom I've been reading for years. Jefferey deaver (I hope that I have this name, correctly). I'd only read one of his books, but can tell her can carry suspense, well, in his stories (at least he did in one of his books that was very good). And I admire The Writer, in general, and encourage writers to continue writing-continue being who writers are-themselves. And don't ever let anyone ever tell you that writing isn't important or that you are unimportant cus that simply isn't true. Hugs, all.