Monday, June 25, 2012

Reintroducing a Writer I Admire

 Hello, all.  I am writing to you, once again, to let you know about another writer I admire.  Her name is Cassandra Dale Jones.  She writers from the heart and writes poems that are moving, that are unique, and that are wonderful.  One of her poems that I found to be a favourite of mine, is her poem, "By Your Side," which I am posting, below:

"By Your Side" (by Cassandra Dale Jones)

Growing up,
you were always there.
To make me smile,
to show me you care.

When I was hurt,
when I'd cried.
You held me close,
by your side.

When you were near,
I'd laugh and play.
You made me feel safe,
in every way.

I miss you,
I always will.
I love you,
you're with me still.

In Heaven,
you're watching me.
In my heart,
you'll always be.
If you like her poems, look for more of her poems in the poetry group to which we both belong, called 'Poetry Corner' that is on the online website, 'Writer's Digest.'
April Morone