Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cassandra Jones' poem, "Refuse To Cry"

I want to highlight a poem by a poet who writes straight from the heart and soul and who also helps advocate with her poems against domestic violence, plus who encourages others in domestic violence situations to remain strong. This poem is wonderful and truly can help to encourage to others, I think. The poem is titled "Refuse to Cry" and is by Cassandra Jones. It is below:

Refuse To Cry

I am stronger,

than you think.

You thought,

I would just sink.

Into a lonely,

sea of despair.

Lost and scared,

with no one to care.

Guess you don't,

really know me.

Unlike you,

I can see.

The strength,

I have inside.

The tears,

I won't let slide.

In the past,

I wouldn't try.

You'd anticipate,

that I would cry.

I won't give,

into your drama.

In the end,

you'll be hit with karma.

You won't drag me,

to your level.

My life won't

be disheveled.

You don't get,

the benefit of the doubt.

You found,

your way out.

Thanks to you,

I don't have to try.

Now that you're gone,

I refuse to cry.


  1. Thank you April! I am truly honored that you like this poem and want to use it in your post.I hope that I can help people to get away from their abuse and to move on.

  2. Cassandra, great poem! It is noble to work to help others who have been abused. Take care!