Sunday, May 20, 2012

"The Naken Poet" Poem by Jerry Chalk

 Wonderful Poet: Jerry Chalk

I want to showcase the writing of a poet whose writings, I admire.  That poet goes by the name on poetry groups as Jerry Chalk.  I came across his poetry when he came into my poetry group I'd created, called 'Poetry Corner' and he then posted his poetry.  He gave me his permission to post his poetry on my writing blogs.  His wonderful poetry is below.  This particular poem is one of my favourites that he's written and then shared.

The Naked Poet...I'm sure with anyone who is a poet at heart has felt this way a time or two.
Should I write you a poem that everyone already knows?
And use those familiar words like crimson, or porcelain or ember glows,
Should I write a stereotypical poem and paint a happy world, with the wonders of nature,
Reaching out to touch your senses from a single sheet of wasted paper,
Just so you might smile and agree and feel so warm and fuzzy
Because the grass is alive and the leaves are green, (especially in the spring)
But sometimes I see that the trees and the sky and the stars are not shining,
People aren't always happy go lucky
And poetry isn't always cheerful and touching,
The sky's are just as violent as an abusive father,
Roses are red like the blood of martyrs,
Violets are black and blue bruises on the bodies of those who dare,
To indulge in the truth of what it feels like to be human and scared,
To be angry or melancholy, to feel pain and the relief from pain,
To remember that pain and avoid those same mistakes.
But perhaps without the witty anecdotes and perfect fake plastic plants,
This is not a poem after all but more of a colorful rant,
Be that as it may I will woefully resign my interpretations out of respect,
And let genuine honesty reign down from those dark clouds of distress,
Pouring out of the eyes the tears are metaphors for emotions to circumspect,
And I shall guard this with my soul...
While todays rich and happy rappers, clowns and Gestures
Joyfully murder poetry with love and sex and money and treasure,
And so I die in these lines as well because the public has no interest in reality,
Unless it comes on TV, is spoken from a celebrity
No one wants to see the true body of life's naked poetry.


  1. Great poetry! I like the images, and this poem is 'right on target.' Poetry is this and more.

  2. Lena and William,
    Thank you, both, for your comments. I agree, completely, with them. I am highly proud of Jerry's poems and I also like his poems very much, especially this poem.

  3. Excellent post April! This is a great poem that we as writer's/poets ourselves can really relate to.